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About Baldur

About Baldur

About us Melbourne

Baldur is focused on lifting healthcare outcomes for all through the adoption of new technologies in the area of private specialist healthcare.

With this system patients and health professionals can connect from any location in the world at anytime.

Our centralised office has been specifically developed to be used by Medical Professionals  in an increasingly uncertain environment with a growing reliance on technology.

Our system streamlines, automates and organises clerical tasks thus affording more time for the clinical care of patients.

We believe in supporting patients and health providers as they participate in the new age of clinical practice.

What Baldur offers


Medical practice software

Centralised administrative services

Secure software with two-step authentication

Cyber security

Software-based phone system


Service contract negotiation

Digital billing

Telemedicine platform


Selection of top health professionals

Simple Telehealth system

Flexible payment plans

Access to an integrated network of specialists

Allied health care

 Medical devices

Inpatient care within the network