Marketing and networking

Marketing and Networking

Marketing and networking

Our data is stored on an Australian cloud-based server compliant with the latest Microsoft business software. This data, hardware and software is monitored by Australian-based technicians with a quick and attentive response time. Our administration and patient management is overseen by experienced medical specialists who are focused on quality control and ensuring a high level of medical admininstrative support. We have an established network across Australia as well as associated practices that offer numerous options for potential practice sites.

Baldur has an advised marketing strategy created for specialists to increase visibility and broaden geographical reach.

Our focus is to foster an attitude of strength and knowledge within our group, and this is how we became and remain leaders in the private medical specialist sector. As we bring on more specialists,the cost per practitioner is reduced; therefore, we strive to offer further cost reductions in conjunction with increased services. As our collective grows, we look to proactively reshape the private medical sector in Australia by increasing healthcare for our patients while building the wealth of our members.

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