Technology Support

Technology Support

Technological Support

Our medical software is specifically designed for specialists and their clinical, auditing and administrative needs. When compared with other software providers there is a quick response time and individual support. Training for use of the program is offered within groups and on an individual basis prior to the commencement of program use.

The program offers communication with administrative staff, other clinicians and allied health staff and patients through direct links thus increasing documentation of tasks, phone calls, faxes and emails. Automated processes within the program increase efficiency and offer cost savings.

Our security partners are IT Strategic who oversee the protection of our data from cyber attacks. They also monitor the access within the system to ensure transparency and protection of our practitioners’ data. They offer a high level of connectivity support, which coincides with our business model. The management is proactive and constantly pushing to improve security of data for our specialists and their patients.

We are also partnered with SJ Org, a think tank and local-based enterprise. They have had experience in a number of various sectors, including healthcare. They are a forward-thinking group focused on modernising, reducing costs, improving services and increasing the power of our collective members in relation to non-medical entities.

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