Ms Nicole Howell
Dietitian DAA

Ms Nicole Howell

Ms Nicole Howell



Nicole Howell is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) she has worked across all facets of human nutrition and diet therapy with over 25 years of experience, including 15 years as a specialist Diabetes Dietitian at Peninsula Health. She has been instrumental in the management of children with Type 1 diabetes, adolescents and adults, with extensive experience caring for people with either Type 2 or Type 1 diabetes together with gestational diabetes within the Mornington Peninsula.

She is also experienced in the DAFNE programme which empowers clients to self-manage their diabetes and enhance their quality of life. Her others areas of specialty also include: Cardiovascular nutrition and cholesterol management, General healthy eating, Men and Women’s health (including PCOS and menopause), Gastrointestinal nutrition (including FODMAPs, Coeliac, IBS), children and adolescent health.

She has many years’ experience working with insulin pump management and the role new advances in technology play in diabetes care, including the role of Continuous Glucose Monitoring, and Applications on smart phones. She is passionate about diabetes care and has a unique understanding of people’s needs, having an open mind, with a flexible approach in all facets of diabetes management, working closely with the clients’ Diabetes Heath care team. She works alongside clients to assess their nutritional requirements, providing education and advice regarding carbohydrate counting if needed, to assist clients to achieve their goals.

Nicole’s approach combines latest scientific evidence, with practical and realistic changes. She is also a member of Sports Dietitians of Australia (SDA) and the Diabetes Dietitian special interest group. She has a keen interest in many sports, loves to walk and spending time at the beach.

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