Professor Christopher Gilfillan

Professor Christopher Gilfillan

Professor Christopher Gilfillan


Frankston and Box Hill

Professor Chris Gilfillan is currently Director of Endocrinology at Eastern Health and has private endocrine practices at Box Hill and Frankston. He oversees an active clinical research program and is currently Principal or Associate Investigator in 11 international clinical trials.

He has clinical interests in all aspects of Endocrinology and research interests in type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, osteoporosis and metabolic bone disease and thyroid cancer.

He is a Clinical Professor at Monash University and Deakin University through the Eastern Health Clinical School. He is involved in the teaching of medical students, and basic physician trainees in endocrinology and internal medicine.

He was awarded a Centenary Medal for services to Diabetes on the Mornington Peninsula.

He is currently Principal Investigator in a clinical trial of the effectiveness of wearable activity and blood glucose monitors in modifying health-related behaviour in type 2 diabetes.

He has been involved in numerous clinical trial protocols testing novel therapies of type 2 diabetes and well as novel lipid lowering medications and new treatments for osteoporosis.

He is also currently lead investigator in a study examining the genetic pathology of thyroid tumours and the isolation of thyroid cancer cells in peripheral blood. He is supervising a PhD student examining muscle mass and function in hip fracture patients and examining the molecular mechanisms of muscle wasting and sarcopenia in these patients.

Selected Publications

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