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Digital Health Services for Specialists in Melbourne

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Baldur Healthcare Systems believes that both public and private healthcare providers need to increase their investment in technology. As a result, their workforces will be able to offer higher quality patient care, reduced costs for both healthcare providers and users, more receptive care and even increased patient autonomy in healthcare delivery. Call now to see how our cutting-edge software can help you do just that!

State-of-the-Art Digital Health Services for Specialists

Baldur Healthcare Systems allows social care and health organisations to expand healthcare beyond the traditional setting to minimise pressure on overstretched services and empower patients to take better control of their own health.

Here we support digital innovation and accelerate the development and scaling up of digital products in Melbourne’s health and care sector. We’re connected to major GP and hospital systems, which means that all our patient’s information is collected through our digital healthcare services and can be accessed by authorised medical professionals.

Digital Health Services for Specialists Melbourne

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Ultimate Digital Inclusion

At Baldur Healthcare Systems, we have integrated leading GP and hospital systems to allow licensed healthcare professionals the access to potentially life-saving patient data. Our choice of communication channels signifies that we are highly inclusive to ensure ease of use, irrespective of internet access or technical capabilities. 

We understand that partnerships are essential. That’s why we integrate with third-party apps and medical devices and have a growing number of partners across health and social care. 

As such, patients can opt to send health readings to their healthcare professional using applications, SMS, online tools, automated phone calls, video conferencing, etc. Call us for more details!

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Digital Health Services for Specialists Sydney

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