Medical Administration in Melbourne

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Baldur Healthcare Systems provides a comprehensive collection of decision support tools for the benefit of care providers, including pharmacists, doctors, nurses and allied health professionals. It also offers a support system for patients within the community by bringing together GPs, community pharmacists and age care workers.

Supply Chain Management

Do you still rely on paper registries to keep track of stock levels and use across your service?

At last, there is a single software solution that manages medicine supply from procurement through to distribution across any number of your organisation’s locations.

Our software at Baldur Healthcare Systems has applications designed to control the distribution of controlled drugs across large organisations such as hospitals, ambulance services or pharmacy chains. It includes full incident management, fraud detection and integrated user management. Call now to learn more!

Medical Administration Melbourne

Throw away your paper registries

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Electronic Referrals

Baldur Healthcare Systems believes that success with referrals needs the full commitment of the clinicians who are responsible for their creation, which involves delivering a process that is efficient while promoting quality.

With our high standards and organisation-wide visibility, we are quickly becoming the most widely adopted referral solution in the Australian care sector. 

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An efficient process that promotes the best quality

Medical Administration Sydney

Our software can take the boring out of administration!

Our software is designed with your needs in mind! Call now to see how we can make a difference for you!