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Baldur Healthcare Systems focuses exclusively on ‘access to care’, or how patients enter and move through a healthcare system. This focus, as well as being founded by medical specialists, makes us unique among software vendors.
Our innovative suite of software includes a series of integrated modules. It is the only system available that electronically manages the complete continuum of care from primary to specialist care, hospital-based care and post-acute care services. 
The research literature is clear: transitions of care between providers and care settings can be dangerous for patients. Our platform is designed to use modern web and cloud technology to mitigate these risks while improving workflow for physicians and administrators. 

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Practice Management Solutions Melbourne

We are unique among software vendors

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Practice Management Solutions

Our innovative software provides key features under one umbrella, such as:

  • An e-visit module that allows patients virtual access to their primary care physician or other providers in the region with secure messaging and voice and video conferencing to improve access to primary care.
  • A module that provides practitioners with the means to optimise surgical theatre utilisation, enable better surgical wait list management and introduce paperless eBooking/electronic requests for admission of cases from the physician rooms to the hospital scheduling offices. It is designed to complement and integrate with each hospitals’ surgical information system (i.e. Cerner, etc.) in real-time.
  • Another module that uses state-of-the-art technology and the power of the cloud to allow real-time electronic management and routing of any type of referral, request or requisition for any kind of healthcare service. The software can be configured for referral types such as diagnostic imaging, mental health, addictions, diabetes, ambulatory clinics, specialists, orthopaedic hip & knee, cataracts, palliative care, long-term care, community care, etc.
  • And also, a relationship management module that gives regional health authorities a software tool designed to provide a detailed, real-time database of the primary care physicians in a region and a means to manage these relationships. Using this module, regional health authorities can understand the number and distribution of primary care physicians, along with other physician-specific profile information.

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Practice Management Solutions Sydney

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