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Medical Practice Management in Melbourne

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Web-Based Servers

Being web-based means your clinic is accessible from anywhere in the world, at any time and from any computer or browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome).

With our software, your data is securely hosted in Australia with state-of-the-art database security because our goal is to ensure your information is as protected as possible.

We understand the value and importance of your information, so we keep it safe, encrypted and backed up for your peace of mind.

Medical Practice Management Melbourne

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Baldur Health Care Pty Ltd is committed to ensuring that the collection and processing of data carried out by our site complies with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act. To know and exercise your rights, particularly concerning the withdrawal of consent to the use of collected data, please contact us.
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Medical Practice Management Software

Our software has been specially developed to meet the needs of professionals working in a busy environment with soaring costs and declining profits. 

Our system streamlines automates and organises all paperwork and tasks, such as referral letters and notes, to afford you more time for more important tasks. Additionally, you’ll have the capacity to manage all your diary/booking tasks at the click of a mouse.

Have multiple practitioners in more than one location? Our system allows access to your clinic from anywhere, at anytime and will only display practitioners working at that site on that day – no overbooking or confusion!

Making your life that much simpler

Medical Practice Management Sydney

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